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List Your Books For Free With No Sales Fees.

A Fair Question

Why would we list your books for free and charge no commissions?

A Straight Answer

We want to help you if you want to help us.

With a group of authors working together to promote this site we all sell more.

Why you should be a part of this group

It is totally free!

No listing cost and no commissions.

The group is helping with your marketing.

As a group of authors promoting this site we all get more exposure.

To get the best chance of selling your book people need to know about it. That requires exposure.

How To Post Your Book

To post a book or books on the site send an email to our site manager, Ray. Please Include the following:

The cover picture

The genre (if you don't see your genre on the site, don't worry we will add it for you)

The Amazon link (or any other site link you use)

The price

A brief description/introduction

A short extract of maybe 1 or two chapters. (Optional but recommended).

Your commitment to promote your book(s) daily using the link(s) we will send you.


Send your email to Ray: 

 After adding your books the url link will be sent to you.  You will use this link in your promotions.  I will also attach an excel file with more that 60 links to Facebook sites that you can join and post on.  Kindle Authors Support Network will be actively promoting the site on a daily basis and you can do the same with your  book.  

Since we are a new site, don't expect the sales to roll in right away.  But if we, in a team effort, all post the site on social media platforms at least once a week and more if you can, then we will soon build up a following of interested readers.  Sales will naturally follow in time.

A suggested post to promote your book


I have just released a new book titled "Depression".  My book explains in simple terms, the warning signs and treatment of this debilitating condition.  It also details for loved ones the importance of their understanding and support.  You can view my book by clicking on the link below


If you misplace your link, go to the site, navigate to your book, copy the URL and paste that into your post.  Post on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Circles or any other place you can find​.

Please be aware that it would not be fair on the other authors in this group if you list your books but do not promote the site.  If you promote the site your book will be viewed and it will be shown in our statistics.  If your book gets no views it stands to reason that you are not promoting the site.  

They once said the three secrets to business success was location, location, location.  Today, on the internet, those three secrets are promote, promote, promote.

If it appears that you are not promoting your book on the site, I will contact you and if the situation continues your book will be removed.


Send us your book details by email to get started today!

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