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Common Interview Questions

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Common Interview Questions: Feel Confident And Answer Them Easily

(Happy Job Hunting Series Book 1)

No matter if you are just starting out or if you are going for your tenth interview, this book is exactly what you need as your secret weapon.

In this book, you will discover practical and useful tips to make you feel confident during your interview session, making you the special person that companies would love to hire.

The first highlight of this no-nonsense book is a simple yet powerful checklist. It is included to help you realize just how ready you are for the interview.
With the checklist by your side, you can easily outwit, outplay and outlast other interviewees.
Here is a sample... Checklist #10:" I can sum up in 90 secs why I should get the job."
The second highlight is the section on the common interview questions and model answers.The psychology behind the question is also explained.
There's a whooping 100 plus model Question and Answers.

Other topics covered include:
→ The 6 types of interview questions and how to address them
→ Turn your nervousness into an advantage
→ How to prepare for an interview
→ What is an interview, really what is it?
→ And many more...

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