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How To Get Promoted 101

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How To Get Promoted 101: Forty tips you wish you knew

(Happy Job Hunting Series Book 4)

You Deserve This!

How To Get Promoted : 40 Tips You Wish You Knew

As you work hard to earn a decent living, wouldn't it be awesome if you can increase your salary in the fastest way possible?
Just imagine what you can do with the extra $$$, such as:
- having a bigger house
- owning a brand new car
- becoming debt free
- doing some fulfilling charity work
- the possibilities are endless!

This book is for you if you are just starting to work or if you have been given the miss to be promoted time after time.

  • In this no-nonsense book, discover:
  • 3 proven ideas to climb the corporate ladder FAST
  • 3 must-have traits before you can even be a candidate for promotion
  • More than 40 actionable tips to bring you closer to be promoted.
  • 1 killer tip that if ignored would mean kissing your promotion goodbye
Time and tide wait for no man, own the book before your colleagues do so.

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