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Ifflepinn Island

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"Ifflepinn Island”—an exceptional lyrical fantasy for green-growing children and evergreen adults

If you are hungry for a new fantasy in the classic genre of the “Narnia Chronicles” and “The Hobbit”, then “Ifflepinn Island” has come to your rescue!


  Iffleplum is no ordinary ifflepinn. He dreams of dashing deeds and derring-do and saving damsels in distress. But on finding himself entrapped in a faery mushroom ring and menaced by the shambling shadow-creatures known as Dhârkäsü, he thinks again-too late!


  "Don't throw your heart away on wild deeds," his Iffle-mother Mumkin had warned him. But alas! when his wild wishes suddenly come true, in fearful shock, the spirit of his heart flies out. And he is whisked away on a ghostly flying Ship of Light, on a terrifying and unexpected trip!


   Without the elfin-spirit within, his heart will grow sadder, colder and more fearful by the day, attracting the shadow-folk that feed on fear. His desperate quest to find it once again plunges him into the worlds of Half-Elves, Wise-Arks, Men and Goblins, Trolls and Ogres, and more fantastical adventures than he ever dreamed...

 A review.

       “Ifflepinn Island is one of the best books I've ever had the pleasure to read and own. I cannot put into words what an exciting and exhilarating story this is. The whole thing is unique from start to finish, you will not be disappointed. i find it hard to believe that this amazing work hasn't yet been made into an epic film although I'm sure it will be given time, as it’s that good. I would recommend you read this book whether you are an adult or not, matters not as it will enthral you all. This really is a must have book. Get it while you can.”


​                                       ​
Thomas Field (Amazon Reviewer)

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