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Ketogenic Diet

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Low Carb, Delicious and Simple Recipes for Fast Weight Loss and Improving Your Health

Obesity becomes one of the scariest words in the world for nowadays. Being overweight has become an annoying problem and interference for many people. Many people are trying to lose their weight by applying many kinds of dieting methods.
Since an ideal body weight and healthier body condition are big concerns nowadays, diet has become trends among the modern communities. Many people have tried a lot of dieting methods with all of the hard treatments. Even, some people are willing to pay handsomely to reach the ideal body weight, as they desired.
You might have heard that ketogenic diet is a dieting method that has been effective for the last several years. It is often known as a low carbs diet. Principally, ketogenic diet involves high intake of fat, moderate consumption of protein, and tremendously low eating of carbohydrates. In another word, it can be said that ketogenic diet is a dieting method that encourages the liver to produce more ketones.
Lucky you, this book provide many recipes that will help you to prepare good and healthy food in applying the Ketogenic diet.
3 reasons to buy this book today:
1.There are 50 insanely delicious and simple recipes with photos.
2.You’ll find out how to lose weight without suffering.
3.From Seafood, Meat, Vegetables, Snack, to Desert this cookbook will be a good guide for you to serve delicious and scrumptious food right away from your kitchen.

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