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Sculpting Amanda

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Meet Amanda Wake, starting her new job. Her only requirement is to earn enough money to buy a coveted mobile phone. Seventeen and fresh from school, she dreams of a Mills and Boon love story developing between her and her new boss.

Meet Mathew Mason, A successful businessman, and Amanda’s new employer.

What Amanda doesn’t know is that Mathew has aspirations too. He has an unhealthy and immoral obsession with Amanda.

The job was created so that he could have better access to her. Set over the course of sixteen years we follow their journey.

 Amanda’s life is plight with many unfortunate twists and turns unbeknownst to her all due to Mathews intervention.

A dark and disturbing suspense thriller that will have the reader screaming out for a book buddy just so they can discuss the plot. Not for the faint hearted, read sculpting Amanda if you dare.


Chapter 1



So, off I go, pad in hand, to start the first day of my new glittering career. Ahead of me I envisioned office soiree and extended business trips, to Paris or Madrid. My new boss will obviously be tall, dark and brooding, with an undercurrent of dangerous.

 At first I expect he will bark commands and dictations, not taking the time to acknowledge the English rose quality of my beauty, and the innocent naivety that comes with being seventeen, and fresh out of typing college.

Who am I kidding. The only reality of that previous statement is, I am in fact seventeen. "English rose beauty" equates to English and pimpled, almost as though I have had a fight with a rose bush, but that’s as close as I came.

 I am however starting a new job today. I’m not quite fresh out of typing college, because that would suggest it was the nineteen fifties. So, seventeen and fresh from the job centre on North street.  "pad in hand" is a rough map directing me, past the bus garage, left onto Tanner Road and, if my sources are correct, the second building on the right, and up the metal staircase, I should find a blue door. Behind the blue door should be my brooding new boss. According to Tam at the job Centre his name is Mr. Mason, his main requirement for this position were must be able to type sixty words a minute and have a good telephone manner. I’m not overly sure of my typing speed but I can operate a telephone and I am sure I can do it in a good manner.


Perhaps now would be a good time to give you some back-ground story.

 I have established I am seventeen and on a job search, I was hoping to get away for a bit longer without getting a real job, but since my sister’s bloke got banged up there are fewer babysitting gigs, my sister prefers to wallow in self-pity at the injustice that her beloved "Dale" would be detained at her majesty’s pleasure, for something as minor as a parking fine.

 I wouldn't go as far as to say he was a hardened criminal, petty at best, however he had been silly enough to get on the local polices radar. It was inevitable that he would get caught eventually. We were all equally surprised something as minor as an unpaid parking fine would escalate to three months inside. My sister chose to ignore the original parking fine as it was outside Chanelle’s house and Dale refused to pay it, as to pay it would be to acknowledge he was parked at Chanelle’s house.

 As you can see its a dilemma for both parties, as Chanelle is known around these parts as a bit of a good time girl and a man stealer. 

So, as I was saying no babysitting gigs equates to no money, mobile phones had been about a while and now they were becoming more accessible.

 Two of my friends had recently got one each, they spent hours boasting about what level they were on, on Snakes. They would call me at home from the shop, on the way over to ask if I wanted anything.

To me it was the opening to a whole new level of independence. I desperately wanted to be part of their gang. No money means, off I trot pad in hand looking for the blue door which could well be my destiny to my very own mobile device.

Mr. Mason was a short man; I am five foot and he was a few inches taller. So much for tall, dark and brooding. He was dark, with a shock of white hair. Almost as though he had been involved in an unfortunate incident in a gloss factory and he just couldn't wash it out. I would age him at about forty, but my ageing radar was not very finely tuned, I could just about tell if people were older or younger than me.

 He had an incredibly deep voice for such a small man. Squashing any ill-informed assumption that deep voices belong to tall, overpowering men. He was very well spoken and quite eloquent, to coin a phrase “he was not from around these parts” Other than his hair and voice there was little else of interest about him.  I was shown to a table that had a computer and two telephones. One blue and one black. I also had a headset so I could type and take calls at the same time.

 I had to hold in the excitement as I knew full well these headphones would transport me into Madonna mode. She was in the middle of her Vogue tour and whilst the pointy boobs were not quite mainstream with this headset I could give her a run for her money.

Mr. Mason presented me with a text which he asked that I copy, so he could assess my typing speed. I tried to put on a brave face, but knew under his scrutiny I would under preform.

 It looked like I would be waving that Nokia goodbye. Several failed attempts to turn the pc on meant I was not off to a good start. forty-two words per minute with only a sixty-seven per cent accuracy score meant I was anything but confident this job would be mine. Fortunately, Mr. Mason was lenient. He said he knew from my previous telephone call to him from the job Centre that my telephone manner was satisfactory.

 His suggestion was that I practice. By way of practice he suggested I write a short diary every morning explaining my day.

So here it is, day one my first attempt at a diary to increase my typing speed. File save, save as Mandy private, Mr. Mason told me this would mean it was now for me for my eyes only.

 Chapter 2



  file open, Mandy private, open


I knew she was young and naive but I literally couldn’t believe my luck when she agreed to keep a diary on the work pc. seventeen and other than school she had no access to a computer, naive enough to think that her words would be private.

Her description of me was minimal but I liked that I factored into her day.

 I also gathered from her diary that she didn’t remember me. I have met her before of course I have, about two years previously. I first set eyes on her whilst I was having a "business meeting" with a shady character from Queens road, Dale was his name, she was minding his kids at the time.

 I was almost struck dumb when I see her. it was a struggle to carry on the conversation I was having, I was so distracted. It was as though time stood still, nothing mattered in the world at that moment in time but her. It had been an overcast day but the sun seemed to come out just to shine upon her. Illuminating her specifically for my attention.

 I would age her at around fourteen or fifteen but she looked young for her age. Her clothes seemed baggy not yet being aware of her assets, at ease in her skin, a tiny slip of a girl her dirty blonde hair braided in plaits. her plaid maroon skirt and navy blazer giving away details of her secondary school. A brief encounter barely registering on her radar, a man on the outskirts of her vision.

The next time I saw her was a fluke, I’m sure I sensed her first.

 I was in my local shopping Centre being dragged around on a mundane shopping trip for shoes or a bag or whatever other status purchase my wife insisted she needed to ensure she was a real player, a force to be reckoned with.

 She believed that the newest designer handbag would secure her a place in the elite "wife’s club". I humoured her of course, I always did, when in reality I struggled to hide the way I found her vulgar, her appearance repulse me, her arms flapped when she moved her arse was so full and round, she tried to appear educated but often appeared foolish. All of which I pretended not to notice. It was in the shoe department whilst she was squeezing her trotter into yet another red pair of heels that the hairs on my arms stood up on end.

My heart missed a beat I know this as I questioned my own wellbeing. It was then I saw her, she was with a few other girls her age, chatting and giggling, as young girls often do. I don’t know why but I instinctively stepped back into the shadows so she couldn’t see me. Hoping I would blend away out of her vision.

 I wanted to watch her uninterrupted without fear of being caught.

 "darrrrling what do you think of these? "

 the spell was broken as the troll demanded more of my attention. I was met with a hideous pair of feet squeezed into a pair of black stilettos, causing her to tower over me bringing her over inflated breast to my eye level,

 "stunning sweet heart you should buy them" my well rehearse response.

I saw her leaving tiny hips swaying as she walked away. Against my better judgement, I needed to know where she was going. I made my excuses and followed at a distance.

 She and her friends went into a burger bar to indulge in greasy fattening food. I was close enough to the car park, on a whim I went to my car took a fuse out, this meant one of the lights flashed on the dash.

 I had every intention now things were in motion to use the car fault as an excuse to pull over or maybe lose the troll whilst I went for a mundane repair.

To my amusement things went to plan the leaving of the shopping Centre was timed well enough that I could spot the girls at the bus stop. Tiny carrier bags filled with whatever treats their measly pocket money allowed them to buy. 

The key was put into the ignition and to my surprise a fault light appeared on the dash. Time for my rehearsed speech

"sweet heart the car has a problem, take my card get another bag to match your new shoes and I will find a local garage and be back in an hour"

 There was no argument any excuse to have free rain with the gold card the greedy bitch that she was.

The bus was followed but it was painstakingly slow. She finally disembarked forty minutes later. It was a rundown area that I knew vaguely. The bus stop was situated alongside a row of shops consisting of an off license, betting shop and a pizza parlour. Again, a slow laborious stake out took place finishing at a small terraced house with mismatched net curtains and a front door that was well overdue a paint.

 I took note of the door number and road name, replaced the fuse and drove back to the shopping Centre. My pulse was racing and I was buzzing with the new knowledge I had required.



  Day two in my new position and I'm sitting at my desk trying to recall the pin details to retrieve any overnight message that may have been left on the phone. Mr. Mason appeared in the door way and suggests I have an hour typing practice as he has some dictation for me today.

 So here I am practice, practice, practice. from what I can make out this is a concession to a larger import and export company that operates from Bristol. Yesterday consisted of a few laborious letters to suppliers, all figures and quantities details for unknown purchases, all of which I knew nothing about.

There were a few phone calls that I answered on Mr. Masons behalf playing part of his secretary. Mr. Mason spent most of his time in his office with his head down. On the few occasions, he did leave the office I noticed he was wearing a very distinctive aftershave. The smell stirred a memory or reaction as sometimes only smells can but for the life of me I couldn’t place where I knew the smell from.

 At around three Mr. Mason left the office and returned half an hour later with a coffee and a muffin for me, perks of the job apparently. I could get used to this. I left at four thirty and went home before settling down on the sofa to watch neighbours and home and away.

  Eight thirty start today had me rushing for the bus it wouldn’t do to be late on my second day, I already have plans for my first week’s wages. It doesn’t pay too badly as I have no real outlay two hundred quid a week.

 I must give mum some money of course she is struggling a lot since she chucked dad out but I would like to get the mobile phone I had promised myself first. Mum has already said the first month’s wages are mine to do with as I please.

 I'm defiantly going to need some more office friendly outfits. My interview suit had an airing yesterday and by my reckoning all I have left are a few school shirts and a pair of black trousers left to wear.

Right, enough of my ranting I have real work to do

file, save, Mandy private


  I couldn’t wait until she arrived this morning, after having her so close in the office yesterday the sixteen hours we were apart seemed too long.

 I collected my usual outfit from the lock up. I got the idea eighteen months back when I first followed her home. The pizza shop close by lent itself perfectly to a disguise. A pizza delivery driver wouldn’t get a second glance and the motorcycle helmet helped to cover my mallards streak.

 I waited up the street from her house and see her leave flustered and panicked her face an enduring shade of pink. Her running for the bus in an effort not to be late for her second day alerted me to just how clueless she was.

 Racing to the office to be there before she arrived I composed myself, taking a deep breath I allowed my heart rate to slow to a normal pace. Today I would be playing boss man again, a tiny thrill ran through me as I see her approach on the CCTV at the bottom of the staircase.

The offices we were in were described as small but functional by the letting agents. My description was mouldy and cold. I was limited with what was available I needed something that she could access by public transport if I was going to get her here at all.

 So far things were going to plan seeing her flushed and running this morning confirmed she needed this job and ensured that I would get to spend more time with her. A bonus to the office being so run down and dilapidated meant that I could justify securing CCTV in most of the rooms. Most of my day yesterday was spend watching her on my pc whilst she typed away. Her beautiful formed hands attempting to keep up with the speed of my dictation, A fruitless task as I was purposely speaking faster than needed. Hoping to get her flustered. The flush of red across her chest as she struggled to complete the impossible.

  "good morning Amanda, I’m glad you’re on time "

 I couldn’t help the little snipe and had to hold in the grin that was threatening to split my face. The diary was something I was looking forward too today and I wasted no time suggesting she "practiced " her typing.

 The anticipation of the outcome was almost too much my jittered nerves almost giving away my excitement. I decided to leave the office in search of some good coffee.



  Two steaming coffees in hand I took the opportunity to slip a laxative into Amanda’s cup before entering back into the building. It was a simple enough task removing the plastic coating I emptied the powder in and gave it a stir for good measure.

 She had put a bit of weight on over the last eighteen months, not much but enough to take on more of a womanly figure. The bonus of having her so close meant I could help her lose those curves.

I was pleased to see her diary input was saved and decided to spend the morning reading through her take on yesterday. I was slightly alarmed that she thought enough of my aftershave to write about it. I knew instinctively when she had been close enough to me, to remember me, how could I forget!

  Two weeks after I had followed her home and got her address I decided my interest in this girl had to be explored further. The moped was bought with the authentic pizza box attached, at first I watched her in the afternoon as she ambled down her street on her way back from school. Watching as she smiled and chatted with her friends. They separated at the bridge and the last ten minutes she walked alone.

 Sometimes she listened to her Walkman her head nodding to an unknown beat. A few days of this led to me waiting by the school in the mornings to see her arriving. In the back of my mind I knew what I was doing would be considered wrong but to be frank I didn’t care. I was a thirty-seven-year-old self-made man. I had more money than I could possibly spend. I mixed in enough circles to know that I could do pretty much what I wanted and when I wanted.

 There were of course lines that wasn’t to be crossed regardless of bank balance. There were people out there that considered themselves humane and law abiding. It was these people that would frown upon my interest in this girl, consider it wrong. I had the sense to be discreet and I had no intention of shouting my intentions from the roof top. However, I had intentions bad intentions and I couldn’t wait to start the process of becoming part of this girl’s life.

three months I waited, sometimes watching from her school locked away in a workmen’s van, not much call for pizza at eight am, during the afternoons I waited for her to arrive home, I started to learn her routine Friday nights she would meet up with her friends and drink cheap cider.

 There were boys in her circle too I had to sit and watch as she threw her head back and laughed at their jokes, flirting her way into their affections. I saw her childish attempts at being sexy or appealing.

 I often had to fight back the urge to pull boys off her on nights when she was drunk and pinned to a wall by a barely pubescent spotty teen. I sat in the shadows knuckles white as I battled not to run and pull them off her as they kissed and groped in darkened corners.

There were nights when her mother was out that a boy would go home with her. On these nights, I would have no choice but to go home and bury myself in my whore of a wife to try to forget about her.

These nights were made worse by my pathetic wife mistaking my arousal as being a result of her actions. Her animalistic moans making me sick to the stomach as I pumped away at her disgusting curvaceous body. It was after such a night I decided enough was enough,I couldn’t continue with this charade anymore, I needed to have this girl. The obsession was too much I needed to have her and get her out of my system.

  My homework done I knew that Amanda’s mother was going to be away for the night. This meant Dean or Dan or whatever his name was would be at her house. I waited in the off-license cap drawn down.

 I had made the switch with the vodka before she arrived I knew what brand she would buy. She passed me on the way to the booze section, close enough that I could smell her perfume. Some kind of peach concoction, I remember it being fitting the smell evoking the Promise of youthful fresh flesh.

 I moved to Stand behind a shelf, I saw her make her purchase and scurry out still a little conscious she would get stopped and ID at any minute.

I watched her leave the shop, biding my time knowing she was going home. Purchasing a newspaper to avoid any suspicion I strolled back to the parked van. Taking one last look at her house before I climbed into the back. Putting on my earphones I relaxed as best I could.

The timing needed to be just right. I couldn’t leave it to chance the week before the "local council" had been to check the fire alarms and the house was bugged. It was costly but I used a discreet company telling them it was my house and I suspected my wife was having an affair. I listened to the chatter in the house and my excitement grew.

 Looking around the darkened quiet street I was pleased to see it was empty. The only signs of life were the television lights illuminating the living room windows. My heart rate quickened as I anticipated the silence which would let me know my opportunity had come. I heard as they giggled and fumbled. Again, fighting the urge to get him away from my girl but knowing that there would be less questions asked if she thought she had been fucking her boyfriend.

Finally, silence fell onto the house the Rohypnol doing its job.  Climbing from my hiding place I made my way towards the back gate. Checking around me one last time before I threw my bag over. Once the bag was over it was my turn to scale the gate, Quickly and silently I climbed over landing at the bottom with a fud. Eager to get to my prize I scurried toward the back door.

 Fortunately, the back door to her house was open. I had a glass cutter in my bag but was glad I never needed to use it. It was a much smoother operation if no questions were asked after. The kitchen was small and grimy, unwashed pans adorned the work surface. The remains of what appeared to be shepherd’s pie sat in a baking tray.

The Listening devices I had used to monitor Amanda’s activity had been left in the van, I could only hope they were still unconscious when I got to her room. Taking the stair two at a time I reached the top quickly. Calming myself I reached for the door handle. Pushing it open I flinched as the hinges squeaked in protest.

  I found them both in her bedroom. Typical of a teenager’s room, posters on the wall of her current crush. A dressing table with homework shrewd across it. Moving toward the two still forms they appeared to be asleep clothing haphazardly covering their bodies. Dressed in a hurry as they both realized they were "much drunker" than usual. Unceremoniously I pulled Dan/Dean away from the bed.

 He was heavier than he looked, exerting myself I dragged him onto the landing closing the door. Moving back toward the bed I took in the sight before me. My own heart beat was thundering in my ears. Standing over Amanda’s tiny frame I was suddenly truly grateful that I had the time, money and devotion to partake in this pleasure. Leaning over her I inhaled. Seeking her perfume, it was marred now. Not as fresh as before.

I pulled her down the bed so she was completely flat on her back. she was so light so slight and deliciously delicate. A used condom on the side, told me she had been sexual with the kid. My thundering heartbeat made it difficult for me to hear.

Tilting my head to the side I listen for any movement from the other side of the door. Peeling away her clothes the excitement built inside me. I needed to be closer to her, I lowered myself onto her taking in the scent of her hair, inhaling the breath she exhaled. so, small but so warm I ached for her now.

The blood rushed from my ears no longer a deafening sound instead a pulsing need between my legs that needed to be released. my face buried in her neck she tasted salty with a hint of the vodka that had helped to render her so helpless.

 Once more checking over my shoulder to ensure the coast was clear I took my opportunity. I undone my fly and rested my aching cock at her opening but it was too much just touching her flesh with mine broke me, an instant spasm ripped through me, my hot seed spilling over her before I had a chance to enter her. This wasn’t how I had planned it, my intention was to have her but the shear closeness and promise of her was enough to have me undone. Just like the teenage lover I had thrown to one side I had reverted to a young boy again. Embarrassed by my behaviour. Even without a witness to judge me I felt ashamed at how easily I had reached my peak.  I needed to clean her up, Fortunately I had come prepared. I never intended to leave a trace. I wiped away the evidence. Delicate and gentle afraid that I might damage her somehow, being this close to her Centre caused me to stiffen again. This time I was going to penetrate her, I needed to stop this now I was aware it was too much it was all consuming.

I took her that night not once but twice as her tiny frail body swayed to my punishing beat. When I was satisfied, I dressed her. Tiding her hair and positioning her onto the bed as though she was a princess sentenced to sleep by a wicked witch. For a moment, I reflected upon the irony. The reality was she had been sentenced to sleep, not by a wicked witch, but by me a man with wicked intentions. Going back to the door I put my ear to it listening for any movement from the boy. Met with more silence I pulled him back into the room by his feet. His tee shirt bunching at his back as I pulled him, dumping him next to her bed I gave him a swift kick for good measure. He groaned in response but remained unconscious. Leaving the room, I retreated as quickly as I could.

So, there it is the full sordid story of why she knew my aftershave, she might not recall but I had been all over her body taking my fill of her and enjoying her flesh with my body and tongue, she would wake a little more tender perhaps even sore but she would assume Dean had been a little more adventurous than usual, almost two years on the memory of that night had been replayed in my mind again and again.

 Assuming it had been a faultless operation, it was only now reading her diary entry I realized I hadn’t factored my own scent into things I thought I had been so clever, so thorough at covering my tracks.


  Day three, yesterday was a strange day my guts were all over the place, desperate to not make it to obvious my innards were falling out I tried to make my visits to the toilet discreet. Fortunately, the loos were up on the top floor of the building. It must have been something I had eaten as a result I skipped lunch, no fuel no waste, right?

 Deli belly aside Mr. Mason left the office shortly after three and didn’t come back until just before I left at four thirty. My knowledge of him is minimal but he seemed a little angry he carried himself differently his face was dark with unexploded rage. I hope he wasn’t angry with me due to my many toilet brakes.

 Today I decided against breakfast I don’t want the deli belly making a reappearance. I ate very little to be honest just stuck to water from the office kitchen and the coffee Mr. Mason brought me back. My plans were foiled though as my stomach remained very unsettled. If this keeps up I would have to visit the quacks.

Day 4

  It was a busy day yesterday my diary entry was short mostly due to lots of Madonnaesk headset action, due to the continuous phone calls I received. I still love the headset I don’t think I will ever tire from the vogue moves I get to pull when Mr. Mason isn't looking. I was early this morning partly due to choosing to miss breakfast again.

The door was locked as Mr. Mason was yet to arrive. The weather was awful so I took shelter under the metal staircase. Five minutes of avoiding a local tsunami then Mr. Mason pulled up. Walking around to the front of the steps he signalled for me to walk up ahead of him, As I passed him onto the metal staircase he rested his hand on the small of my back. It was nothing sleazy just a gentle assistance as I past him.

I know its cliche but my stomach done a little flip. Granted he is older than me by a billion years but he does have a kind face and the most beautiful eyes. ooh eeer get your womb in check Mandy, I’m not even sure if he is married I assume he is he wears a ring.

  Special request from Mr. Mason to practice, practice, practice my typing speed with diary entries. I thought my typing speed had made progress but apparently not. Right what can I write about now? not much to report My sister was at ours last night with the kids mopping and groaning. Dales lawyer had been in contact whilst he had been inside the police had uncovered some evidence regarding a local business that was held at gun point, Dales finger prints were found and he was being fingered for armed robbery. Looked like another six years could be added to his sentence.

I feel sad for her of course I do but she made her bed with that man, he has never been anything other than trouble. It was that which attracted her to him to start with, two kids later and looking at six years of waiting for him as the dutiful wife the lifestyle suddenly doesn’t seem so appealing. My sister’s life is enough to put me off boys for a while.

 I don’t want that for myself pregnant at eighteen and tied down to a local playboy. Not that I can have kids, a misjudged night with my ex Dean saw to that. Fifteen and incredibly drunk we were caught semi naked and unconscious by my mum. way too much vodka had led to a black out something I’m prone too because of being five foot nothing and seven stone

We must of cained it that night though as Dean was out for the count as well. six weeks after waking up with my mum standing over us I was rushed to hospital, god the pains were unbearable stomach cramps and leg pains with each cramp I had a shooting pain up into my shoulders. I had spent the morning feeling very unwell.

 I couldn’t find comfort, no matter what I tried. It was during a history lesson I stood to go to the toilet and my vision dimmed. My heart beat was racing frantically in my ears. My clothes seemed to instantly soak with sweat, the last thing I remember was a ringing in my ears and a blackness. I had fainted at school and was admitted to the local hospital in an ambulance. Ectopic pregnancy was the diagnoses. If I had arrived at the hospital half an hour later I would have bled out.

 Internal bleeding was caused by my fallopian tube to tear. This had to be removed rendering me infertile. Dean had been out of the picture since my mum had caught us, his parents had moved him to a different school. I was fifteen, he was seventeen they were worried my mum would get him arrested. She wasn’t above threatening it as she marched him home on the day in question.

She may have been a small woman but she had no qualms dragging his sorry arse back home that morning. As he had moved away I never did get the chance to ask him how it happened if I recall correctly we always used protection. Sad story but if nothing else by putting it on paper I improve my typing skills it’s a win, right?

file, save Mandy private


   I’m enjoying having Amanda as my captive, she may not realise it but as each day goes by I’m closer to my ultimate goal, controlling her. I've continued to put the laxative into her coffees and am anticipating the delicious results the lack of nourishments will cause her body.

  I feel a need to up the ante a little with each passing day I need to own her again. Initially my intention was to have her and get her out of my system. This was flawed, instead of getting my fill and reverting to my previous life of getting my kicks by paying a few select whores I found it only increased my appetite for her more.

 Initially I spent a few weeks battling myself and my urges to just grab her off the street and take her away with me, lock her up and keep her for myself. My disguises were being over used I was in danger of revealing myself. I had so many scenarios go through my head none of them beneficial to anyone but me.

 There was one sticking point if I abducted her then she would be missed, I couldn’t risk being found I needed a fool proof plan.

  Round and round I went in my own head driving myself mad, Eventually I had no choice but to activate a self-imposed absence. My businesses were micro managed by selective trusted employees but they needed my attention. I had been obsessed with her for far too long and it was becoming detrimental to my companies, my mind and freedom. I was on the verge of doing something silly and breaking cover I knew I couldn’t afford to be careless.

 I needed six months, six months away from her to rid myself of the obsession if after six months she was still so entwined in my mind I would have to activate plan B.

  I went away, myself and the troll, we travelled to city after city securing business deals and fraternizing with high society. To my amusement, the troll come into her own at these events many a man’s eyes where seen to follow her when she entered a room, I put myself in their shoes tried to see what they saw. five foot eleven, hour glass figure, a tiny waist with ample bosoms and a round arse. All hair, tits and teeth.

 I saw how the men coveted her and looked at me with envy when she was on my arm. She was all women and knew it. I can't deny heads turn when my wife enters a room she ticks all the boxes, such a shame the boxes were not mine.

 On the nights when she was receiving the most attention I managed to use the envy as an aphrodisiac. It was these nights I took pleasure in groping at her soft round behind and claiming her in front of all the other testosterone driven men. Occasionally kissing her on the mouth when she lent in for affection. Nights like this that my body would react slightly to what everyone else found attractive in her.

It always started well a flicker of arousal giving me the confidence to reach out for her and signal my intentions, but as soon as she replicated and began to sigh her breath catching in her throat, her chests heaving as her excitement became apparent, off come her clothes revealing what some men would describe as perfect all starlet and Jessica rabbit curves it was then I would begin to lose interest. I couldn’t disguise my disgust some nights, her giant tits and curvy hips the vile way she waxed and styled her dark pubic hair into ridiculous landing strips. Her ruby red talon nails which she would run across my back.

 All of this disgusted me no matter how much male envy driven testosterone had surrounded us during the evening. I could no longer rely upon that to get me through the ordeal. Instead I thought of Amanda so small, so frail lying still and accommodating. This was the only way I could perform for my wife the only way I could block out the feel of her soft fleshy body beneath mine.

 I had to pretend the curvy hips were Amandas bony one’s, kid myself that her body was in fact childlike and perfect instead of over pumped and fleshy. Sometimes it worked but other times it didn’t, on these occasions I may have broken my facade long enough to tell her she was too fat, too loud, too tall. I never waited for her reaction just threw a wad of cash in her direction and left, off to find a prostitute that was young enough or thin enough to fool my disappointed cock into a climax.


  I stayed away for seven months in total I needed to be sure that I had given myself the chance to get her out of my system. If plan B had to be put into place I needed to know I had tried every other option first. Plan B was no walk in the park it would be a massive lifestyle change.

I had had seven months to come up with it. delusional that I would forget her in that time I had instead spent most of my time fantasizing about ways to have her again.

  It needed to be as fool proof as possible. First things first I needed to get her brother in law out of the way. I could no longer spend my time with her hidden behind disguises and shadows. It was time to make my entrance.

 Dale was an easy pawn to remove a few calls to the right people and he was out of the way for a while. I couldn’t risk him blowing my cover should he ever realise the boss of her small import company was in fact the same person he reported to regularly regarding a side line of money laundering, I’m sure a few questions would have been asked.

  Next the building was secured and plans were put in place for her to be lined up for an interview. Tamwah at the local job Centre and myself had a mutual interest. His desire to be watched and my willingness to be part of that voyeurism meant our paths had crossed several times at a whore house or two across the county.

 A few persuasive words in his ear convinced him his wife didn’t need to know about his extra marital affairs. With Tamwah on board no one else but him, myself and Amanda knew about the convenient local opening for a typist.

  So here I find myself almost two years in the making, she’s a little older a tad less innocent but still as vulnerable and frail as I remember her. The real icing on the cake I only had to touch her and the silly little thing is developing feelings for me. now’s the time for the real games to begin.


Chapter 3


  Day 5, end of the working week that wasn’t too bad I suppose I can think of worse ways to make money. My stomach bug doesn’t seem to be settling anytime soon I missed breakfast again today, I did have dinner last night but couldn’t eat too much I think my stomach is shrinking due to the lack of food.

 I have already lost weight in my boobs which is typical I barely have an A cup. Hopefully I will feel up to eating tonight. I have plans to go out with a few of the girls to town, I need to eat before I go don't want to be drinking on an empty stomach. I’m not sure what to wear I got a cute dress from Tammy girl. I can rarely buy clothes in the adult section as I’m pretty small which is fine but there aren’t many cute and sexy outfits in the kid’s department so I tend to fall back on jeans and a tee. Oooh hang on movement from the bosses’ office, be right back.


  "Amanda, could you call this number for me and reserve two tickets to a conference they have next weekend “,

 "yes Mr. Mason",

 " It’s an overnight conference in Edinburgh do you think you could attend as my plus one? I will need you to take notes for me throughout the day, there is an evening meal but Sunday is yours to do with as you please till we have to fly back. Is it something you think you could attend?”,

 "erm ... yes sure I don’t have any plans “,

 "excellent, oh Amanda I almost forgot in the top draw of your desk is a mobile phone, its technically billed to the office but I don’t see why you can’t use it for personal use, it’s not to be used during office time of course"


Day 5, part 2

Fudging hell Mr. Mason wants me to go to a soiree with him! Opening my top draw and what do I see a brand new mobile phone! sodding hell I could make a mills and boon story out of this job yet! watch this space.


I went straight home from work and sat down to transfer the numbers from my phone book into the mobile. The office number was already saved alongside a few suppliers that’s we often liaise with. I also noticed Mathew Mason in the contacts.

 As ridiculous as it sounds Knowing his christian name made him seem more approachable. I navigated my way around the mobile with ease and took great pleasure in texting my friends notifying them of my new mobile number.

 I also took the time to search through the newspaper for the ringtone codes. I decided on "flava" by Peter Andre.

With the radio blaring I decided to get ready for my night out, A warm bath and hair wash later I decided on a piece of dry toast for tea. Another day of rushing to the loo meant I couldn’t face a big dinner. Make up done and slipping into some ballet pumps I was ready for the off, texting Bella as I made my way to the bus stop to let her know I was on my way to hers.

 Bella greeted me at the door with alcoholic concoction which instantly went to my head. My limbs felt a little looser my head a little lighter, I loved how booze made me feel, it always made me feel a little more confident, made me feel a little taller, more attractive. I should learn my limits though there had been a few to many nights my memory was vague, and others where I couldn’t remember a thing. My friends were full of stories of how I danced on tables and tried to snog random boys.

 I should try to get a handle on it, maybe I would start next time as tonight already looked like it was going to be a heavy one.

  We got into the club, as usual Bella and Nell got in no questions, I got ask for ID yet again the curse of always looking twelve., Dale wasn’t good for many things but I was grateful when he managed to set me up with a fake ID.

The place was heaving jamiroquai was pumping out of the speakers, we had to squeeze our way past the dance podiums where girls gyrated in knee high fur boots and bikinis. Glow sticks aloft swaying to the music.

 I see a few of Dales friends moving amongst the crowd no doubt suppling the E and speed to get the party started. The bar was three deep as we made our way over to try to buy some shots. Mark Morrison rang out loud and I stood back and surveyed my surroundings. From where I was standing I could just make out the VIP lounge.

I was shocked when I see Mr. Mason seated at a table sipping cocktails. My stomach flipped with excitement, he was out of his suit and in a more relaxed outfit of open shirt and jeans he looked much younger. He was chatting with some men and to his left with her arm draped a crossed his shoulder was the most beautiful amazon of a women. She was stunning, watching her move to the music was mesmerizing. She was so graceful. The pair of them together were breath taking. I couldn’t help but feel my stomach drop.

This must be his wife. This was confirmed as he casually slipped his hand up onto her exposed knee. I felt so foolish watching them, so angry for allowing myself to develop a crush on him. There was no way I could compete with such a beautiful woman. I was glad I had seen them together before I had been silly enough to act upon my new-found affection for him.


I was watching when Amanda entered the club. I had been eagerly awaiting her arrival for the last hour. Not much was by chance anymore I knew she would come here, she often did. It had not been easy to engineer this particular train of events.

 Getting the troll to agree to attending such a down and out place had been a struggle. It wasn’t often she liked to be seen on the east side of town, it wasn’t glitzy or glamourous enough. I fabricated some story about having to meet some important business investors here, her attendance was cemented with the promise we wouldn’t stay long, we were booked into an elusive hotel for the evening as a treat for her compliance.

Once I see Amanda make her way to the bar I leaned into my wife encouraging her to become more affectionate.

 By the time, Amanda spotted us my wife was making a fool of herself by lounging all over me. It took a lot of good acting on my part to reach out and caress my wife’s leg. All for Amanda’s benefit, I needed her to see just how very insignificant she was to a "big fish" like me.

 I wondered if Amanda would make her self-known to me but she didn’t she threw herself into drink, shot after shot. I watched from afar for half an hour then came good on my promise to my wife. We left and caught a taxi.

 I couldn’t help but realize the irony. I was walking out of the club to spend the night with someone whom most would consider a beautiful woman, when the only person I wanted to spend the night with was tucked up in a corner half drunk and drowning in crippling doubt and self-pity.


I watched Mr. and Mrs. Mason leave, she was stunning. It was as though her beauty made him more appealing. As a couple, they were gorgeous.

 He was a little shorter than most Hollywood stars but they had that air about them. They were like Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford. Her dress with like a second skin emphasizing every curve. Cut low to expose her pert large boobs. In short, she was everything I wasn’t. I stared into the back of his head willing him to turn and look at me, I don't know why? maybe just for acknowledgement.

 I wanted him to turn and smile, or wave, anything? I knew I was being a fool but I realized I was suddenly desperate for the smallest scrap of attention from him. Once he left I caned the ouzo, I have a vague memory of dancing with a friend of Dales. James I think his name was, I remember him placing a pill on my tongue.

 I danced till closing time. Him rubbing himself against me as the music slowed. I remember going back to his place but after that nothing?

The sun shining through my unclosed curtains woke me. Fortunately, I was at home, I seemed to have acquired a grazed elbow, my head was banging.

 I have had enough black outs to know what checks to make in an effort to piece a night together, first check would be to work out if I have had sex. In this instance, it seemed I hadn’t. which was a bonus. I heard a strange beep, it took me a while to register it was my phone. It was a text from Bella. Apparently, I had made a fool of myself at James’s house, tearful and incoherent, he had driven me home, disappointed that his sure thing was too drunk to walk let alone fuck.

Peanut butter on toast was all I could face to squash the thunderous hangover. Fortunately, it stayed down. It managed to stay in as well which is a real bonus of late, perhaps I was finally coming to the end of this stomach bug.

 Whilst checking out my reflection in the bathroom mirror I decided to get mums scales and check my weight. my face looked gaunt and my eyes had dark circles under them, mostly due to my hangover but I was sure I had also lost weight. My fears where confirmed when I stepped on the scales six stone eleven pounds. Thanks to a dodgy belly I had lost five pounds in less than a week. I couldn’t afford to lose one let alone five.

 Going to the kitchen I decided to stock pile some crisps and chocolate for the rest of the day.

The day was wasted in the end. I spent it in the fetal position praying the peanut butter on toast wouldn’t make a reappearance.

 My body had fooled me initially into thinking I never had a hangover. I fed my face quite happily believing I was lucky enough to have consumed so much ouzo and come away unscathed, it was half an hour later that the hangover decided to appear. It started with the pounding head ache being exchanged for a full-scale drum solo by Phil Collins, this would have been fine but Phil had decided to rent my skull as his recordings space.

 whilst my head pounded to catastrophic proportions my stomach lurched along to the beat. God, I feel ill! will I ever learn!

By the evening the prospect of a night in front of casualty and London’s burning was enough to give me the incentive to leave the house. I made my way to Nell’s hangover still fresh in my mind I decided that I wasn’t going to drink.

 Nell’s parents were away but her older brother was home, at twenty Nell’s parents considered him responsible enough to play house whilst they were away. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Liam was at best a complete stoner, at worst a coked-up stone roses wanna be. Tonight, he had friends over, I could hear the music from the bus stop, oasis singing away.

 Nell came to the door and tried her best to signal a warning before I got into the living room.

 My addled brain had difficulty processing what she was trying to relay. It wasn’t until I got through the door I realized she was warning me that James from the night club was present. "oh bollocks "

 it slipped out before I had a chance to realize I was going to say it.

 "charming, nice to see you too babe"

 was James response.

 "sorry, it wasn’t directed at you, I just remembered .... I’ve left my key in doors”

I think he bought it as no more was said about my unconventional greeting.

Fortunately, James was quite good company, I learnt that he only "worked”the clubs at weekends, A bit of extra cash to supplement his student lifestyle, He was studying economics and accounting. we chatted most of the night, I kept the promise to myself that I wouldn’t drink but I did partake in a few Es courtesy of James stash.

 The conversation flowing and not wanting the night to end I called mum and told her I was going to spend the night at Nell’s. This translated as I was gonna bunk up with James on the sofa.

I woke up Sunday with a clear head. I didn’t need to do the usual check after a night with a boy to work out if I had slept with him, I knew I had, in fact he was still snoring away beside me. I crawled over him and an effort to get off the sofa before I woke him.

 I hadn’t been drinking last night but I still had the breath of a thousand camels. I needed to brush my teeth and fast. Once I come back downstairs from freshening up James was starting to stir seeing me at the door he turned smiled and pulled me in for a quick fumble before the rest of the house woke up. Plans were made to see each other again and mobile numbers were exchanged.

 I skipped home a little brighter that day, seems little ole Mandy may have got herself a boyfriend. Who needed Mr. Mason, with his beautiful wife, posh voice and paint stained head?


I managed to get through the weekend relatively unscathed. I had enjoyed my performance at the club but knew that an even greater performance would be expected once my wife and I were locked away in our hotel room.

 My wife was flustered and tipsy from the champagne she was pawing at my shirt before we even got into our hotel room. Normally I would push her away and fain tiredness but tonight she deserved a treat.

She had behaved well helping me to achieve my directive. When we had left the club, all eyes were on her. From the corner of the bar Amanda’s eyes almost shone green with envy. Pushing her to the bed I buried my face between her thighs. Fortunately, her sounds of satisfaction were muffled as her thighs gripped at my head, she thrashed her way to an orgasm. whilst she was building to her climax I had used my hand to get myself hard enough to penetrate her, all the while thinking of Amanda and the wisps of untamed blonde hair between her legs.

 My memory of her was wearing thin I needed her again and soon. For now, I would have to make do. Flipping my wife over I forced my cock into her arse. It was tight and dry, closing my eyes and imagining Amanda as I did.

 My wife screamed out as another orgasm ripped through her body. This almost put me off but fortunately I was close and I came deep inside her. She slumped satisfied twitching as the remanences of her orgasm petered away, I waited until sleep claimed her, once she was out for the count I spent half an hour in the shower. Disgusted with the depths I had to sink too.

 I let the hot water pound down upon me washing her filth and secretion away.

Sunday went by too slowly I was eager for Monday to come around. Amanda’s absence was too raw, just after lunch I made my excuses and left to return to my old haunt. Two hours I sat positioned across from Amanda’s house surveillance equipment activated to hear her shuffling inside the house, from what I could make out she wasn’t home some noises and muttering confirmed someone was, I assumed it was her mother.

 She finally come sauntering down the road around two thirty. Her blonde hair hang loose to her tiny waist, flat pumps denim shorts and a vest top was her outfit of choice. she looked a little whorish for my liking given the choice I would dress her in something a little less revealing. I found I was gripping my fists so angry that she was dressed the way she was. Flexing my fists to re circulate the blood.

 She looked tired, she passed by the van, so close I could almost touch her, it was pleasing for me to see she looked frailer than normal her weight was falling off. She was so close to perfection, she didn’t know it but this weekend she would be mine again this time I would savour my time with her there would be no boyfriend outside the door, no impending return of parents.

 It would be just me and her and I was going to take my fill of her weather she liked it or not.


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