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The Unsuspecting River

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Just like any other family, political families have their own share of scandalous secrets just waiting to be unveiled. 

Governor Walt Rucker, the patriarch of his family along with his right hand man, Don, have been heavily guarding a closet packed with skeletons. But when his son Ray, the golden boy of the family gets tangled up in a love triangle with his cousin Shawn and his fiancé, the bodacious and boldly smart Mckayla Stevens, Shawn concocts a revenge plot against them that quickly begins to spiral out of control and threatens to expose the secrets involving the members of the prominent wealthy family. Walt and Don will stop at nothing to contain the secrets before they jeopardize not only Walt’s re-election campaign but their freedom too.
The Unsuspecting River gives you a front row seat to the many levels of a political scandal as it unfolds. Be a fly on the wall in the room the night Walt and his married mistress consummate their relationship and stand alongside Ray and Shawn as they look down into an ice cold river in silent horror waiting for someone who may or may not have slid in by accident to resurface.

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