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Where Dreams and Visions Live

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Challenge your beliefs about dreams and visions. Dreams are often difficult to understand and impossible to explain, bordering on the metaphysical and visionary. These fantasy stories will make you think but can also be read just for entertainment.

Where Dreams

and Visions Live

From the

“Anthologies of the Heart” Series, Volume One

Compiled by Mary C. Blowers

Copyright 2014

All Rights Reserved

Table of Contents

Introduction-Mary C. Blowers


The Role of Dreams in the Stress Response-Cyril Abbott

She-Robin E. Mason

God Knew All Our Folly-Robin E. Mason

Eyes of the Soul-Robin E. Mason

For There is Nowhere-Robin E. Mason

Your Light in Me-Robin E. Mason

The Lady In My Dream-John Needham

A Glandiose Tale-John Needham

The Sea of Dreams-Bill Hiatt

Chariot Dream From God-Jaclyn Tibbe

A Dream of End Times-By Jaclyn Tibbe

Dream a Little Dream of Me-Megan Cyrulewski

Dreams And Visions-by Isaac Iziken

Dreams--A Figment of Reality-Marc Mullo

Dreams of a River-T.W. Barton

Open Your Eyes-Chris Redfern

Signs In The Earth Beneath-Ada Brownell

My Indigenous Old-Chidolue J. Chinonye

Whiskey-Brittany Davidson

Shattered Dreams-Brittany Davidson

Charcoal-Brittany Davidson

Dreams and Visions-Brittany Davidson

Fairy Tales-Brittany Davidson

Sycamore-Alan Meyrowitz

The Guide-Sreesha Divakaran

A Story in Three Dimensions-Rose Fortune

Confessions of a Literature Student-Marlouise Le Roux

These Words-Felicity Johns

Daydreams-Jane Dougherty

The Dream Job-Roz Warren

The Dreamer’s Lament-Keith Jaret

Nannie Trilogy-Peter Bouchier


A Journey Into Time-Deborah Simmons

Heaven’s Breath-P.S. Winn

Experiencing the Lover of My Soul-Lisette DeFoe

Finding Rest-Lisette DeFoe

My Final Meal-James Rasmusson

Roamer and Scarback-James Rasmusson

Estranged-James Rasmusson

The Puffin Epoch-James Rasmusson

She Watches-Jen Helvie

And Finally I Realized-Jen Helvie

Tribulation Begins-Edward Varga

Pop’s Gone to Heaven, Again-Ron O’Gorman


Whippoorwills-Janice Canerdy

Good Girl-Helen Whapshott

Girls and Boys Come Out to Play-Helen Whapshott

A Bad Dream . . . Or Maybe Not-Laurie WJN

Long Shadows-Tracy Fahey

The Night Mare-A. E. Rivenbark

Students Beware! The New Age Wellness Fair-C. Dunamis

What They Saw-Vanessa Wright

Linked-Traci Kenworth

The Lady In My Dream

John Needham

"It was about three years ago already, if memory serves me correctly. I began having these disquieting nightmares, although I can't sincerely say for sure why they disturbed me, and they may have started earlier than that. The exact time doesn't matter too much either because I really don't remember, to be honest with you. I'm babbling because I am nervous. I'm sorry. I think I might be in the real nightmare now. Anyway, I have been interrogated every which way, and I have no new answers for you. Everybody has been giving me the third degree, ending with the same look; like I'm some kind of kook. I don't know what to say anymore except that I already told everybody the Gods-honest truth.

Tell it again, you say? Yes, sir, I suppose I can do that for you, but I don't see where it will amount to a new pile of crap. Okay . . . sure . . . continue from the beginning, I understand, sir. What's that? . . . Oh, Paul Canfield, sir. 1016 Fairview Avenue. All right? About three years ago, I believe, I started having these weird nightmares. From the start, the familiarity the nightmares provoked was a sense of deja vu. Even now I can't put my finger on how or where it all first started, or where I may have met this lady, Lois, before. It doesn’t really matter, because for the sake of argument, it feels as though I have always known her. Maybe I have. I don't know.

Now . . . as I told you five times before, I had these nightmares, night after night. They were all like episodes of life, all different, but part of an average daily routine as you would expect any day to be. There were some good days, some bad. About the same as if we all compared notes about our days, except that the woman sharing my life in these episodes was not my wife . . . well—she was in the nightmares, but not really. I began remembering the episodes after I woke up about three years back because this woman in the nightmares, and I apparently went through a bad patch. We bitterly argued about just about everything, and I would wake up sweaty like the situations really happened. I would remember the arguments all day long, even feel remorse over my part in them.

Over a period of time, we worked on these troubles together, as I guess the bickering weighed heavy on her mind too. The truth was that I did not feel any animosity toward Lois; not really. All the quarreling seemed a bit much, but the base of the arguments seemed to continue from some other time. The nightmares took a turn. In the dreams, we had these long talks. Neither of us wanted to seek counseling, but wanted to hash out our differences on our own. You see; in the dreams, my awake time offspring were the same kids of my dream wife Lois and mine. That is strange, I know. But, as far as I knew, it was all a dream. Anyhow, we wanted to resolve our problems for our kid's sakes. They would look at us both with such mournful eyes when we were quarreling, and we both knew it. We both loved them very much and wanted to start maintaining stability in the home for them to be happy and well adjusted. Lois told me at the time that after I had run off the way I did, she thought I would never return. Yet, I showed up back home, as though I did not leave her at all.

We went on to establish an understanding. You see, according to what I could tell, we both had grown apart over the years, and no longer found each other sexually attractive. That is what she said to me anyhow, and you can see me to judge for yourself. I'm not much to look at. As far as Lois was concerned . . . well, she had aged to an average frumpy serious looking sort with glasses, and not the designer kind, mind you. She grew thin while sporting a baby bump at the same time. For me, it was nothing personal as I began my earliest remembrances of the nightmares by making instant comparisons to my real wife Jennifer. It was a physical stalemate, but as the dreams went on we began getting along really well otherwise.

In the real world, my wife Jennifer and I had almost the same type of problem, except that Jennifer is just as beautiful as the day I married her. She is hot and I, of course, am not. I totally turn her off, and she sought attention elsewhere for her needs, if you know what I mean. The more she left the children and me on our own, the lonelier my family unit and I became. Each day, my real wife became more and more distant, during each night my dream wife and I became closer and closer. This led to my sharing everyday issues with my night wife. At some point, I began to discuss real-world problems with night time Lois. She was a great deal of help to me when I had those everyday bumps in the road at work. She was always supportive, knew full well that I was not happy with what I was doing, and instrumental in helping me to start my own business until we could afford to have me leave my old job for good. I accomplished this both in my dreams and in the real world. Jennifer had no knowledge of what I had done at all, or that any changes were made. She was perfectly content living her own separate life. She went off to work each day, made her individual money, and barely spoke to the rest of the household unless it was the bite-our-heads-off-variety.

When I would get into my dreaming at night, Lois would go off to her job every day, just like Jennifer. But, she would always come home to share pleasant stories with the family. She is a medical secretary you know . . . at Chace Towers Women and Children Hospital downtown, just like Jennifer is in the real world, as you are well aware. I constantly got confused about that, and I am just as much in the dark about all this as all of you are. I always figured that my dream life was some kind of dress rehearsal for the real thing, or something.

Anyway, I got so I looked forward to my dream life more than my actual one, and I did not care anymore about Jennifer's antics, escapades, or humiliating tirades. It got so that I could make believe the dream world was real, and the real life was the nightmare. The poor kids were an afterthought for Jennifer. For me, they were the same kids in both worlds, and I love them dearly in both places. I went through the motions every day. I did the best I could by selling and repairing computers, growing, expanding, joining a franchise, and reaping the rewards of my hard work in my night and day worlds. Lois and the kids were always there for me, and I for her. Gradually, Lois became so much more attractive to me, and it still grows every day that goes by.

It all started one night, in one of my dreams. Lois was getting ready for work . . . getting dressed, you know? She was standing at her dressing table after she fished out a bra from one of her dresser drawers and put it on. She was the kind of woman who almost didn't need the garment. It was worn more for the sake of modesty than vanity, but I sort of looked at her directly for the first time. God help me, I got turned on. I asked her if I could kiss her. She picked up her glasses from the chest, put them on and gave me an appraising expression that took over her whole face. I guess she was wondering if I was serious, you know? But she consented. She finally nodded yes at me, and came close enough to give me what I thought would be a peck on the lips. She came at me with a lip-lock that tasted so sweet; I was left in shock. I let her finish getting ready for work after that, but I have to tell you, I had that kiss on my mind when I woke up, and all day that day. The next night when I dreamt of Lois, she didn't get away that easy. That was the first time I can rightly recall that I told her that I loved her. Right after that, she told me she loved me back and always had. Well, you might say that I was more confused than ever because I don’t really remember there being an always.

About three weeks ago, I woke up to have what I thought of at the time as the climax of my nightmare awake days. My wife Jennifer was arguing with the kids about doing the breakfast dishes before going off to school, of all things. She flat out stated that she had just about enough of them and me, and stalked off to the bedroom to get ready to go to work. I can't tell you why she included the kids in all of that. Even in the real world, my two wonderful kids have no trouble doing what they have to do, nor do they complain. I thought the kids were the reason she stayed with me at all. She came home late that evening, and we all worried though I did not really expect her to grace us with her presence. Her excuse was that she had worked another couple hours at work. She directed the explanation at the kids, which on the surface seemed to calm them a bit. They had grown apprehensive when it got to be eight o'clock, and it appeared she wasn't going to come home. She did not even call. After that, she announced to the kids that she had worked herself to a frazzle, that she was going for an early shower and bed. That was the last time I saw her in the real world. I fell asleep on the couch snuggling with one of my kids on each side of me. I did not feel like a confrontation with her and stalled as long as I could manage to, but had fallen asleep where I was on the couch with my two little live teddy bears.

I entered my dream world to find everything turned around when I walked through my front door. It was Saturday morning. Nobody heard me enter, and I watched in shock from the front room as my real wife, Jennifer unloaded on the dream kids. The three of them stood in the living room discussing the fact that she was going to trade their father for the man of her dreams. Chad and Brenda are only ten and twelve, and they stayed rooted where they were in fear. They witnessed bickering and arguing in the past, but not with the woman in front of them. She had invaded their home, and they did not know how she got in or grasp what her problem was. This Chad and Brenda knew their mother only as Lois, at least that is what I thought. When I made myself known, all three of them were stunned. Chad and Brenda ran over to me and pressed close, thankful for a friendly face. Jennifer said something unintelligible to them; something to the effect of . . . fine, she would leave me to the brats. I nailed her down about them, infusing her with a bit of logic before she selfishly left, thinking there would be no consequences. Seeing her there, I rationalized that she had gone through the same sort of dream sequences as I had and reminded her there were kids in the real world, and she could not just disappear; you know, just in case she knew what I was saying to be true. She needed to be a part of at least two of their lives.

I became concerned, because although the two pair of children seemed identical, these two had different memories. I told her that she could have the man of her dreams, but to please not walk away from her kids. That was the last I saw of Jennifer. As she was beginning to cry, I woke up with my kids beside me resting in my arms on the couch. It was exactly where we were when I fell asleep. Only the kids I woke up with were my dream kids, and they were my real kids. We were covered over from our chests down with a light blanket. We opened our eyes at the same time, and my kids were a blaze of questions. The most important question out of them all had to be how the heck that crazy mom of theirs got into their dreams?

I began to wonder how complicit my kids were in all the dreams when a voice came from the kitchen archway directed at my kids and I. It came from Lois. I no longer knew what world I was in. Lois said she had been asked to work an extra half-shift, and that she tried to call from work to warn us because she was concerned the kids were left alone, but no one answered. She became worried, and finally left work to check up on us a couple of hours later. She found us where we were, so she covered us over with a blanket, ate something and went on to shower and go to bed herself. Lois and Jennifer must have just missed crossing paths.

I noticed that Chad and Brenda had knowing smiles on their faces the whole time I went to scoop up Lois into my arms, kiss her and tell her how glad I was to see her. It was Saturday morning. There was a whole weekend for us all to enjoy, so we decided to go to the city zoo. We had a wonderful time and day, but I never got to talk to those two kids of mine about how much they knew about what we'd gone through. That night after falling asleep, I did not have any dreams that I can remember, nor did I on Sunday night, or any time since. I let Sunday slide on by because I enjoyed our family time too much to upset it. Lois, the kids, and I went off to work and school come Monday morning, as we would normally do, but this time around Lois did not fit in. Lois stepped into Jennifer's shoes, and they did not fit right, so to speak, though they fit a good deal better on her than Jennifer. The people at her job wondered who this woman was. So, here we are. You can believe me, or not; I don't care anymore. If you really want to find Jennifer, be my guest. Please don't blame me if you can't find her.

That is my story. What? Start from the beginning? . . . All over again? Why? Oh, okay; yes, sir. Cooperate. If I must . . . Can you just answer me where you have taken my wife and kids? What is that? Just sit and wait a minute? I won't move a muscle; don't you worry.

Excuse me? No evidence of foul play, so I can leave? . . . Yes, sir—don't leave town. No problem; I read you loud and clear. Now where is it that you said my wife and kids are?"

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